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Design & Approval


The solution that you have dreamed

Design & Build

Design and build solutions under one roof are not only cost effective but also easy to manage and execute as all internal project coordination are seamless and easy. Climatech understands all your needs and paints them into reality by creating an exciting interiors experience that only exeed your expectations while managing critical time lines and budgets.

Climatech by doing the service of designer/ consultant and then construction as contractor providing one stop solution to your needs. Climatech’s creative in house designers and architects make initial designs and then provide customers with 2D/ 3D views to help them visualize how actual space will look like.

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Authority Approval

Any development design and project to be established in Dubai has to be first approved by different authorities of Dubai. To get a developmental project done in Dubai mere capital and hiring of engineers is not enough. The planning and design of the development project have to maintain different standards set by the authorities operating in Dubai.

Climatech Team understands that the approval process for a developmental project in Dubai can be quiet a daunting task for new investors and common people. Climatech consists of highly experienced team of staff that relays the first-hand knowledge of the approval process to the clients. We help our clients in step by step procedure for getting approvals from different authorities in Dubai.

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